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Greetings to you all. My name is Hendri Tan. Like music a lot, like to read personal development book, spiritual book, and many more. I believe that we need to improve ourselves from time to time to be a better person. So, it’s my pleasure to share something interesting for example quotes, poems, inspirational stories, music, song lyrics, etc. Those will be the content of this blog.

I get used to sharing them on Facebook since more than 3 years  but I think it’s better if I can put it on one place for easy access, more organized way, and can reach more people. Make sure you check on song lyrics. Most of them are lyrics of nice songs that you should not miss 🙂 . Do check out on inspiration, poems, and quotes too. I will try to post a quote as often as possible. So, do check on today’s quote. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration and please spread or pass it on to anyone who you think will benefit.

I’m aware that to make it better, I need a lot of inputs, comments, feedback from all of you. Furthermore, I’m fully aware that I’m perfectly imperfect … however, I’m always me. So, enjoy and hope to hear from you soon ^-^

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  1. Xclusive Entertainment / Apr 9 2012 5:21 pm

    Hello Hendri,
    You seem a very interesting person! Please take a moment to check out my weblog and leave feedback for us to ponder over.


    And spread the word!

    Keisha x

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